Why Roast?

The secret to great coffee is freshly roasted beans. We wanted to bring to Andalusia the experience of a fresh roasted, small batch, speciality coffee. This allows us to provide our customers with the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee available in our area.

The ‘Bluebird’

The ‘Bluebird’ is an artisan roaster custom built for Blue Bird Coffee Company by US Roaster Corp in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was built using old world design that utilizes modern technology. It roasts an average of 32 pounds of green coffee per hour and is fascinating to watch.


The supply of high quality green coffee is an important aspect of our business. Where coffee is grown plays a huge role in the way a coffee tastes. We give serious consideration to the regions our greens come from so we can provide our customers with an unique and delicious cup of coffee.

Roasting Process

Green coffee beans are placed into the ‘Bluebird’ steel rotating drum and taken to temperatures that are the peak of perfection with a desired color of roast. They are then dropped and cooled to stop the process. In a few short hours fresh roasted beans are ready to be ground and brewed.

For Purchase

Blue Bird Coffees are available for purchase in carry home 12 oz bags. They are always fresh roasted and can be ground to your preference. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to know when fresh roasts are available.